We are open to serve our customers and municipalities through these times for pick up and drop off service during our normally scheduled hours. We have always prided our shop on cleanliness and have gone even further to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Moving forward, Shade Tree Auto is committed to following the guidelines of the State of Iowa and direction from the CDC regarding our services.

Tire Repair & Replacement

Preventative tire maintenance & repair by Shade Tree Auto

Tires typically do not last over 30,000 miles, and it’s our job to inspect your tires at every oil change for any unusual wearing or issues.

As part of our courtesy inspection, we complete tire rotation and alignment, as well as balancing so that you can maximize the life of your tires. Once we see that your tire tread has reached 2/32” of an inch, that is when recommend getting them replaced. We carry all brands and sizes, so we can find what will work best for your vehicle.

If you experience a tire puncture and need repair, the puncture must be in the tread. If we discover that it is in the side wall, then it becomes a safety hazard and the tire must be replaced.

Helpful tire maintenance reminders

All-wheel/four-wheel drive

If one tire is getting replaced, all tires must be replaced. Mismatched tires can cause damage to your vehicle.

Snow tires

Especially living in Iowa, snow tires are a beneficial and safe option for those of us braving winter roads. We have a wide selection of snow tires for you to choose from, and we recommend using them seasonally in the winter, and replacing them with your standard tires once spring hits so they don’t wear out as quickly.

Protect Your Tires

Protect your tires with our road hazard program

We offer optional road hazard packages on any one of our tires. This warranty saves on the initial cost of the tire and includes free tire rotation, free tire repair, and free tire replacement up to 4/32” of the tire (if not replaceable).

Additionally, varying on the tire you choose, tires will be covered for manufacturer defects between 50,000-60,000 miles.

Schedule your tire repair or replacement

Do your tires require some attention? Whether you need a repair, replacement, or just some information on the current state of your tires, schedule an appointment and we’ll get it taken care of.

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