We are open to serve our customers and municipalities through these times for pick up and drop off service during our normally scheduled hours. We have always prided our shop on cleanliness and have gone even further to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Moving forward, Shade Tree Auto is committed to following the guidelines of the State of Iowa and direction from the CDC regarding our services.


Vehicle inspections offered by Shade Tree Auto

Before making any financial decisions regarding your repairs or maintenance, you should have all of the facts. 

Vehicle inspections are one of the most important things we do here at Shade Tree Auto. It’s where everything starts on the car, where we examine what state the vehicle is in, and where we can help people make decisions. We provide courtesy inspections whenever you bring your car in for an appointment, and we offer pre-purchase inspections to ensure you have all the information necessary should you choose to purchase a car. Best of all, each of our inspections is digitally sent to your phone or computer, complete with pictures, notes, and recommendations on any issue we find on your vehicle.

What goes into a courtesy inspection?

Our courtesy inspection covers over 40 key points within your car.

We start with an interior inspection of your vehicle and look for any indicators of issues on your dashboard. We then go through underhood items, maintenance items, and look for any repairable items. Next, we inspect your tires, brakes, and suspension, and then we’ll look underneath your car for any issues with your exhaust or fuel system. Fluids will be topped off, your battery will be tested, and tire pressures will be adjusted before a full report is texted to your phone, or emailed for your review.

What goes into a pre-purchase inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections are a great idea for anyone who is thinking about purchasing a car but wants full details on the car’s state before committing to a deal.

Pre-purchase inspections at Shade Tree Auto are approved by AAA and include our courtesy inspection plus a road test, computer scan, and heating and performance step. We also test more interior items such as the seat belt, mirror operations, etc. These inspections typically last about 3x longer than our normal courtesy inspections and come with a complete report at the end that you can take to your car dealer.

Schedule your vehicle inspection

Are you curious about the state your current or potential vehicle is in? Bring it to us at Shade Tree and we’ll take a thorough look and provide you with notes, knowledge, and recommendations on how to move forward.

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