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Brakes & Transmission

The purpose of brake & transmission fluids

Both of these fluids are important for protecting various key parts of your vehicle. Brake fluid is designed to withstand the extreme heat generated when braking, while lubricating seals and pistons.

Additionally, any moisture in your car’s brake system can lead to corrosion, or boiling which could affect braking performance. It is crucial to have clean and dry brake fluid to prevent any moisture that does get into your brake system from affecting your ability to stop.

Transmission fluid has to essentially work as both engine oil and a form of friction within your transmission. It also needs to lubricate bearings and fields while breaking down the fluid of the transmission to prevent any issues. We recommend trying to catch any issues with your brakes or transmission as it’s just starting to show signs of wear and tear so you can prevent needing a full part replacement.


Shade Tree Auto’s brake repair

The only thing worse than a car that doesn’t start is a car that doesn’t stop. We believe brakes are the most important repair we can make on a car. When you come in for a brake replacement, we will use the highest level of brake components, and we place emphasis on the quality of brake job we do which is why we stand behind our brake work for 2 years or 24,000 miles.


When to get transmission repair

Transmission maintenance is critical, and when it comes to transmission problems, the most convenient and cost-effective way to repair your transmission issue is to just replace the transmission completely. We service automatic and manual transmissions as well as clutch replacements.

Come to Shade Tree Auto for your brake & transmission needs

We want to make sure you keep your brakes and transmission operating as designed, with maintenance options to keep you safe and lower your cost-of-ownership over the life of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment to have one of our technicians examine your brakes or transmission and help you decide what steps to take.

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