We are open to serve our customers and municipalities through these times for pick up and drop off service during our normally scheduled hours. We have always prided our shop on cleanliness and have gone even further to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Moving forward, Shade Tree Auto is committed to following the guidelines of the State of Iowa and direction from the CDC regarding our services.

At Shade Tree Auto, we believe in keeping you informed and empowered when it comes to your vehicle’s health. Understanding your car’s warning lights can save you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Let’s dive into the most common dashboard indicators, what they look like, and what they mean.

1. The Check Engine Light

  • What It Looks Like: A small engine icon, often shaped like a car engine or a simple outline.
  • What It Means: This light can indicate a wide range of issues, from a loose gas cap to serious engine problems. It’s essential to get a diagnostic check to pinpoint the exact cause. At Shade Tree Auto, our technicians use advanced diagnostics to give you a clear picture of your engine’s condition.

2. The Oil Pressure Light

  • What It Looks Like: An oil can symbol, sometimes with a drop of oil.
  • What It Means: This light usually indicates low oil pressure, which could be due to low oil levels or a failing oil pump. Without sufficient oil pressure, your engine can suffer severe damage. If this light comes on, check your oil level immediately and schedule a service with us.

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3. The Battery Alert Light

  • What It Looks Like: A battery icon, typically a rectangle with two terminals.
  • What It Means: This light signals an issue with your battery or charging system. It could be a loose connection, a failing alternator, or a weak battery. At Shade Tree Auto, we can test your battery and charging system to ensure everything is working correctly.

4. The Tire Pressure Warning Light

  • What It Looks Like: An exclamation mark inside a tire symbol.
  • What It Means: This light indicates that one or more tires are under-inflated. Proper tire pressure is crucial for safety, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity. Use a tire gauge to check your tire pressure and visit Shade Tree Auto for a quick inspection if the light remains on.

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5. The Brake Warning Light

  • What It Looks Like: A circle with an exclamation mark inside, often accompanied by the word “BRAKE.”
  • What It Means: This light typically means there’s a problem with your brake system, such as low brake fluid or worn-out brake pads. Don’t ignore this light—it’s vital for your safety. Schedule a brake inspection at Shade Tree Auto to ensure your brakes are in top condition.

Stay Informed with Shade Tree Auto

At Shade Tree Auto, we are dedicated to providing transparent, full-service auto repair in Grimes, Urbandale, and Ankeny. Our mission is to make you feel confident and informed about your vehicle’s health. Whether you need a simple check-up or a detailed diagnostic, our team is here to help.

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